Who needs toys when you’ve got these 8 things

My last few weeks have been a tad… how do you say… chaotic. I won’t bore you with the details of said chaos, but let’s just say, some days were harder than others to find the silver lining. My little man, however, always finds so much joy in such meaningless things. I decided for memory sake, and possibly to give you guys a little chuckle, to share some of the things that make Marko shriek of happiness.

1. The light fixture in his room. Bonus points if we lift him high enough to touch it with the tip of his fingers.

light fixture

2. While on the subject of lights, he absolutely loves it if we let him turn it on and off again.

3.  This water cooler that he believes is actually a drum.

water cooler fun

4. The fridge. Regardless of where he is in the house, the second he hears or sees the fridge door open, he darts for it like it’s candy.

5. These cheap slippers that my mom likes to wear when she comes over. He will sit by her feet and touch them until he gets bored.

ugly slippers

6. Water! Bath time has become one of his favourite activities–mainly the part where he waves his arms up and down until he’s splashed himself (and anyone within 2 feet) in the face.


7. Crawling under our dining table between the chairs. This game never gets old.

under table crawler

8. The remote control. Rarely do we let him actually play with it, but sometimes, a woman has got to do what she’s got to do to buy herself some time.

remote control

What do your little babes absolutely love?


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