The sweaty car seat battle

baby playing

So today I experienced something that I think all mothers can relate to: sweating from every pore of your body, a sense that you will quickly suffocate under the layers of clothing you suddenly regret wearing as you desperately try to get your crying child to cooperate for a few minutes. Does it sound familiar?

Today I had big plans. BIG. I was meeting a friend and her baby girl for some coconut milk lattes at Starbucks followed by a delicious chili lunch at her house. It may not sound like such a big deal, but truth be told, I was really excited about this mommy and baby playdate. I really wanted to gossip carelessly with her, let our babies play together, and just find some sense of sanity in our usually hectic lives. Everything in the morning seemed to be going as planned. Marko took a nice two-hour nap which I thought would guarantee me a pleasant baby until it would be time for his next afternoon nap. I got him ready, fed and was trying desperately to rush out the door. It was cold out this morning, so it took me a very long ten minutes chasing him around the house to get his coat, mitts, tuque and boots on, all the while trying to maintain my cool as I get my own outdoor gear on. We make our way out the door and I place him into the car seat when the straps get jammed.


I couldn’t get enough slack from the straps to comfortably get him in before tightening the harness. Of course, Marko got annoyed and made that very clear with his ear piercing cries. He had enough of me trying to manipulate him into the seat all the while pulling on the straps and cussing under my breath. After what felt like 100 attempts, I decided to go back into the house with Marko in one arm and the car seat in the other and try to “fix” the situation. There I was, on the floor of my front entrance, trying to calm my screaming child while adjusting the straps on this very stupid car seat. I can feel my body drench in warm stress sweat doing everything I could to make it work.

I just wanted a latte and some social time. That’s all. Why was this so hard?

I finally get him in, tighten the harness and ensure he is safely snug. Check! Keep in mind, he’s still crying but I’m convincing myself that once he’s in the car and it starts moving, he will quickly settle down.

I lift the car seat with him inside (side thought: when did he and the car seat get so damn heavy?!), walk back to the car and try to get the car seat to click into the base. No dice. I pull, I tug, I push, I wiggle, I do everything in my power to get it to click in but no chance. And yes, Marko is now bright red in his cries, begging to get out of this awful situation immediately. After so many attempts, I finally concede, accept my fate, and take him out of the car seat. I walk back to the house, call my friend and admit that I have been completely defeated and need to cancel.


I literally laid on the floor, drenched in exhaustion. Meanwhile, Marko has completely settled and crawls happily on top of me to celebrate his freedom. I want to cry when I suddenly burst into laughter. Here is this little face staring down at me wanting to do nothing more than play roly poly. He is totally content with staying home with me and doing simply whatever. So for the next two and half hours we do exactly that before putting him down for his second nap.

I then open a bottle of wine, pour myself a glass and let it all soak in. #momlife


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