Help someone with their honey pack

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The smallest little gestures can really go a long way. This might sound totally irrelevant and you might be wondering why I am even wasting time writing about this, but I had to! You see, Marko and I had a few errands to run yesterday but I felt that a quick stop at Starbucks for some morning fuel was necessary. I had my little babe in my arms as I waited to order my tall soy latte when a lady behind me commented about Marko’s outfit.

“I just loooooooove what he’s wearing! Do you dress him like that everyday?” she asked.

I laughed and told her that I try to dress him well as often as possible. This then began a conversation between her and I, when another woman in line chimed in. Then, another one. Literally, at one point, I was surrounded by all these random women–young and old–talking about motherhood, children and fitness. Nobody knew one another, but yet we had so much to say in the few minutes that we waited for our drinks.

The conversation eventually fizzled, so I made my way to the counter with Marko in one arm and my latte in the other. I was trying to open a honey pack to sweeten my drink, all the while juggling my son, purse and coffee, when another older woman came and grabbed the honey pack out of my hands.

“May I?” she asked as she opened the little packet and began squeezing it into my drink. “I know what it’s like, I have four children of my own that I raised alone. I could have used a little help here and there at times like this.”

You guys, this was such a small gesture, but it really meant a lot. So much so that I’m sitting on my couch in pyjamas writing about it. I know we are always in such a rush to get anywhere and everywhere, but just stop once in a while, for even a second and look around. See if anyone could use a hand. Maybe even just a smile. The more you pay it forward, the more you notice these small gestures of kindness all around you. Observing the social behaviour around you and participating in your community–even something as small as opening a pack of honey for someone with their hands full–will set the tone and hopefully example for someone like my son one day.

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