Don’t make me babyproof

Little crawler

How many of you out there go all out with your baby-proofing?

Marko has discovered standing and, believe it or not, furniture walking in the past month. His eagerness to explore and enjoy his newfound mobility has him all over the house causing me a lot of unwanted stress lately. Our house isn’t exactly “baby-proofed”, more out of choice than laziness. We have chosen not to cushion all our edges and fence off all our doorways, in the name of contemporary adult living (Haha! I laugh every time I say this!). That being said, I’m on high parenting alert ALL. THE. TIME.

I’ve been trying to get creative in the way I layout my home in order to allow my little babe to roam without too much adult intervention. So, first things first, I had to temporarily say goodbye to my beautiful coffee table. I tried moving it out of the way, but Marko wanted nothing more than to lay all his weight onto it. Made entirely out of glass, it’s safe to say that having it right in the middle of our living room was simply not a good idea. I tried to resist removing it, hoping with lots and lots of repetition he will come to understand that this table was not a toy. Alas, he just didn’t get it (or didn’t want to) and the anxiety it was causing me just wasn’t worth it. So, as I choked back a few tears, I said goodbye to my dear table.

Coffee table

Once the space was cleared, Marko then decided to dart his attention to our wood burning fireplace. Sigh. We had a few ottomans in our basement that i decided to bring up and create a makeshift barricade blocking his access to the pit. For now, it seems to have done the trick.

That is, until he noticed our stairs. Yes, that’s right, he’s now made his way to our wooden steps, spending his free time climbing up and attempting a head-first plunge back down (no worries, I’m always right behind him, we have avoided all injuries thus far!).

Climbing the stairs

Do I really need to cave into getting gates and random baby-proofing paraphernalia?

Double sigh.


One tired mama xo

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