Baby mama: Round 3


Baby bump

Big news! I am 18 weeks pregnant… again! As many of you who followed my old blog Life’s Love Affairs know, I lost a baby two years ago when I was 23 weeks pregnant, and a few months before that, I had a miscarriage. So I had decided to get off the baby boat for a couple of years and get over the slight emotional trauma that afflicted me.

Finally, here we are again, as pregnant as one can be for 18 weeks. I waited to make the announcement as I am high risk and am currently dealing with what seems to be a not-so-common situation that puts my baby’s red blood cells at risk of being attacked by antibodies that have surfaced in my own blood after the last stillbirth. For those interested in learning more about what I am talking about, its called RH disease, here’s a great explanation.

Now ladies with negative blood types, don’t freak out, this really is uncommon as there are preventative measures–such as the Rhogam shot–in place for this type of situation to be entirely avoided. I just fell between the cracks at some point in my last pregnancy.

I am comforted by the fact that I am monitored and carefully watched by a highly specialized team at the General Hospital who have treated women like me and have seen their share of success stories after sensitization. I also have an incredibly amazing support network, from a wonderfully dedicated husband, family and friends to the many women who have opened up over the years about their own trials and tribulations when it comes to pregnancy.

I am happy to answer any questions or share stories with anyone who would like to talk about pregnancy. It hasn’t been and isn’t expected to be an easy road for me, but I would like to believe that with love, patience, prayers and faith, I will see this baby to term. 🙂

Ta-ta for now… mama needs a nap!

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