Three summer ingredients on your plate

Euh, this rainy cold weather has gone on for far too long. I want the sun, the heat, sandals and a patio where I can sit and read my latest edition of Style at Home. It still blows my mind that people would buy books for decorative purposes, making book shelves look amazing with their colour coordinated covers. One day, I will prove that book shelves can look amazing with all your crappy covers on display.

Instead I am laying on my couch, typing away while The Wedding Planner is playing in the background. Love the tango lesson scene between J-Lo and Matthew McConaughey when he was still hot and had enough meat on his bones. This movie was actually what first led me to believe that being a wedding planner would be the most perfect job. Until I tried it (but that will be for another post!).

Anyway, craving summer and looking for something to eat, I opened the fridge and found three simple ingredients that made for a delicious light snack: watermelon, feta and mint. Although I haven’t seen the sun for a few days, this summery dish was enough to trick my mind into believing that 30 degree weather was just outside my door.

Summer in my mouth: watermelon, feta, mint.

If your taste buds need a little taste of summer, just throw these three together and dig in!

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